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Act Now,
Preserve Forever

The Chateau is at risk! More than just a structure, the Oregon Caves Chateau serves as a critical economic pillar and a vital part of our national heritage—it stands proud among icons like Yellowstone and Yosemite. As one of the treasured ‘Great Lodges’ of the National Park Service, we urgently need to restore it to ensure the prosperity and preservation of the region.

This campaign is more than just about funds; it’s a call to action. It’s about inspiring generations to recognize and cherish the splendor and significance of the Chateau, a true jewel of the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Join us in protecting this architectural marvel, not just for today’s visitors but for the history of tomorrow.

Support the Friends

👋 The Monument is open and cave tours are running!

The Oregon Caves and surrounding National Monument are open, inviting you to discover their magic while the Chateau is being restored.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of this unique area. Your visit not only supports our restoration efforts but also connects you to the enduring legacy of this cherished site.

Restoration Projects:
A Legacy Reborn

Our mission is simple: bring new life to the Oregon Caves Chateau.

This isn’t just about restoring a building—it’s about preserving a piece of history. Each restoration project, from the Monterey furniture to the public balconies, is a step toward returning the chateau to its past glory.

Join Us in Preserving a Piece of History.

Your support helps ensure that the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve remains a source of wonder for future generations.

Support the Preservation of Historical Character

Many of the Chateau’s original features, systems and interiors require upgrading to allow the Chateau to realize its historic grandeur.

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Rebuild the Lost Dining Chairs

Honor Ron Fox's Legacy and Sponsor a Rebuilt Dining Chair

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Restore the Beautiful Wood Floors

A one-time opportunity to bring back the wood floors throughout the Chateau.

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Restore the Original Lighting Throughout

Light up the Chateau with your donation!

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Bring Back the Balconies

Return the public balconies to their original grandeur.

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Restore the Iconic Monterey Furniture Collection

The Chateau’s historic Monterey furniture collection is believed to be the largest public collection in the Northwest.

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Restore the Creek in the Dining Room

Help rebuild the streambed that flows through the downstairs formal dining room!

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Support the Friends

In order to continue our work, we need to fund not only our specific restoration projects, but the management and administration of the Friends as well. Please consider making a…

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