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Restore the Beautiful Wood Floors

As the Life Safety and Accessibility upgrade began, we discovered beautiful clear fir floors in the third-floor guest rooms that need just a little restoration.

We also have a one-time opportunity to replace the maple floor in the dining room.  This floor was damaged and had to be removed after the 1964 flood.  Once also a dance floor, these beautiful floors would be a wonderful asset as the restoration is completed.

Postcard depicting the original dining room flooring
The dining room subfloor

The guest room floors on the first and second floors are currently Nu-Wood polyurethane faux wood, covered with carpeting. While we do not know if those floors ever had the beautiful clear fir (possibly not, for sound concerns), but with new insulation we could install the clear fir floors on the first and second floors, while restoring those on the third floor and replacing the maple ballroom floor in the dining room.

With your help, we would like to “bring back the wood” throughout the lodge.