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Support the Preservation of Historical Character

The National Historic Landmark Lodge is rare and wonderful.

Help maintain the legacy for the next 100 years!!

Built by private entrepreneurs during the Depression, the 23-room lodge, still retains the local timbers and cedar bark harvested locally. The Chateau’s original lighting and many historic details bring intrigue to visitors.

The Oregon Caves Chateau, a National Landmark and the primary historic structure at the Monument + Preserve, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A significant element in the Chateau’s historic character is the historic Monterey furniture collection, believed to be the largest public collection in the Northwest.

Exterior angle of the Chateau from the parking lot showing diner entrance
Detailed closeup of green Monterey furniture dressing table featuring floral decoration.

However, many of the Chateau’s original features urgently require attention. Lack of insulation in the guest rooms, creaky plumbing, badly aged electrical and heating systems and worn interiors all require upgrading to allow the Chateau to realize its historic contribution to both culture and the local economy.

The Restoration of the Oregon Caves Chateau will be accomplished through a broad based fundraising effort that will involve every segment of Josephine County, the state of Oregon and national contributors. Business, government, civic organizations, private and public foundations and private citizens will all play an important role in this exciting project. Soon, the Chateau will be an example of community pride and accomplishment – supporting top quality conservation and restoration to retain the value and integrity of the original design and construction. The Chateau and the Oregon Caves will play a vibrant and dynamic role in travel and tourism for the State of Oregon and for the enjoyment of all citizens for the next 100 years.

Key Strategies:

  • Develop parallel strategies for interior restoration to compliment the NPS Life Safety and Accessibility plan
  • Complete the structural and interior restoration of the Chateau.
    Work with the Concessioner – Aramark –  to make sure the lodge is  guest ready: restored Guest rooms, and luxurious soft-goods..
    Complete the Capital Campaign Plan
  • Restore the historic Chateau and Monterey furniture collection
    Increase educational, cultural, and family experiences at the monument
  • Research, preserve and share the history of the Oregon Caves National Monument

The Friends are working closely with the National Park Service  (NPS) on the Life Safety and Accessibility upgrade to the Oregon Caves Chateau.  The NPS funding supports structural and seismic upgrades, plumbing and electrical, adding an elevator and making the Chateau accessible to those with mobility concerns, plus increasing all fire safety measures. Their work also includes replacing the nu-wood wall surfaces with a non-flammable but nearly identical product called homasote.

View of the Chateau main lobby featuring a fireplace and comfy chairs

The historic lighting, refinishing and replacing wood floors, guest room and lobby details like flooring, carpet and drapes, restoring and adding over 200 pieces to the Monterey Furniture collection, and bringing back the Balconies are all up to the Friends to assure perfect restoration takes place in what may be our only chance while the lodge is closed.

And don’t forget the classic breakfast and lunch diner housed in the lower levels of the Chateau – this feature always attracts attention! The Friends own all of these stools and they are a part of our restoration project…… they will all be removed – restored and replaced.

There are so many exciting ways you can join in this once in a lifetime restoration – and the opportunity to leave a legacy that many will enjoy for years to come. Please join the Friends with your historic photos, stories, Monterey furniture donations,  expertise and donations!