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Trove of Monterey Furniture Discovered and Donated

After a visit to the Oregon Caves, Robert and Jill Wilson were cleaning out the home of Bob’s mother after she passed away and realized she had a full bedroom of Monterey furniture including a very rare rocking chair. 

Jill said, ” It was such a coincidence that I had asked to see a room at the Chateau on our visit.  I had never seen Monterey furniture before and then we learned of the entire set that had been in the family for over 80 years.  We are so pleased that the set of furniture will be restored and be in a place where others will be able to enjoy it in the Oregon Caves Chateau.”

Special donations:  Thanks to Scott Robson for making a generous donation to allow this acquisition to take place.

We need over 240 pieces to complete a set for each guest room and  the public spaces. If you have a Monterey furniture that you would like to donate or would like to contribute to the restoration or purchase of the furniture we would welcome your help!