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Saving the Historic Features of the Chateau

The Oregon Caves Chateau is a National Historic Landmark property on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a unique property in the NPS and one of the three “Great Lodges” in Oregon. With the change of concessionaires, many of the historic features of the lodge needed to be protected. The Friends  negotiated an agreement to purchase the historic 1930’s stools, phone booth, Kiser photographs, and all the memorabilia.

The Friends are also working with the NPS to complete and implement the Historic Furnishings Plan, the re-creation of the balconies, restoration of the historic lighting and the restoration of the iconic Monterey Furniture collection – original to the Chateau.  We intend to develop easy-to-replicate processes to duplicate the historic character of the lobby and sleeping rooms. It is our goal to create a warm, historically accurate and fully functional lobby, guest rooms and public spaces.

The full Chateau restoration,  is planned to take place 2019.   The Chateau is currently closed to begin this work.   The cost is expected to be over $17 million with the NPS  is expected to contribute $15 million for Life, Safety and Accessibility in 2019 with the remaining $3 million for the full structural restoration to be raised by the Friends for all the interior restoration including the public spaces and the guest room.  This will also include the historic Monterey furniture.

The Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau, with your help,  have funded  the reconstruction of the three historic balconies which were original to the 1930’s design of the National Historic Landmark Lodge.   Also, we have nearly completed the restoration of the former staff cafeteria, on a lower floor, to a conference and meeting space.This currently unused space called Little D  expands the use of the Chateau for art and music classes, reunions, community gatherings, and allows us to offer its use to professional and family groups. Restoring the balconies will again offer guests the opportunity to read and relax off the lobby, dine on the balcony and view the beautiful canyon.

We need your help.   Please join us in restoring our remarkable historic lodge, the Oregon Caves Chateau.   Please consider us when you’re making your charitable contributions this year.

Thank you for being a part of the Oregon Caves and Chateau’s community – past and future.                                                                                         

Original lobby: Photo taken in 1934
Original lobby: Photo taken in 1934
A postcard photo of the lobby in 1950
A postcard photo of the lobby in 1950