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End of Year Giving

We have so much to be thankful for as we end our second year. With the support of many Friends and the Meyer Memorial Trust, our organization is healthy and strong and moving forward on the development of the Capital Campaign for the Guide Dormitory and the Chateau.   The Monument and the Chateau continue to sustain their growth in the number of tours and visitors and will have many innovative changes ready for you in the 2011 season, including new family events and the completion of Phase Two of the model room project.

We hope you will join us as a volunteer, a Friend or a Founder. With a contribution of $1000 or more before December 31, 2010,  you will be one of only Fifty  Founders who will receive special permanent recognition  on the Honor Wall in the Chateau, listing in the commemoration materials and invitation to special events.     This is a wonderful way to honor a family member of special occasion.

You can contribute now through the Network For Good, our online contribution processor or mail your contribution to the Friends,  PO Box 2195, Grants Pass, OR 97528.

Please remember to share your  stories and memories of your time at the Oregon Caves National Monument.

In other news…

In 2010, we received a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust to begin the conservation and restoration of the historic collection of Monterey Furniture. That grant was matched by funding from the National Park Service and a contractor has now been engaged to begin the work on the first 20 pieces.

We are very pleased with the support of our newly convened Leadership Advisory Board. These individuals bring a great deal of talent, varied and broad experience.

Many individuals are beginning to donate pieces of Monterey Furniture that have been in their family to help us fill out the Chateau’s collection. We are planning a display of these donations in the Portland area in 2011.

Friends, former staff and visitors are sharing stories, photos, memories, treasures and donations of every amount to assure the legacy of the Oregon Caves National Monument will be here for future generations. We had a wonderful time at the First Thursday event at the Pendleton Home store in November and welcome your ideas for hosting a similar event in your community.

Please join the excitement of establishing a living legacy!

Warm regards,

Sue Densmore
Executive Director

The Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau is a non-profit organization cooperating with the National Park Service (NPS) in the preservation, stewardship and improvement of the cultural and natural resources of the Oregon Caves National Monument. The Friends will benefit the Monument through the concern, care and philanthropy of dedicated individuals.

They will help raise project donations and capital funds to restore and improve the facilities, and to involve the community and visitors in the future plans of the monument.

Visit us at friendsOCAC.org

Leadership Board

Emile Amarotic
Barbara Heyerman
Robert Christnaught
Paulie Brading
Kasey Holwerda
Sue Lium
Jack McGowan
Jan McGowan
Joyce White
Sarah Baker Munro
Linny Adamson
Steve Vincent
Merrill A. Tony McPeak
Robert MacLellan
George Spencer
Molly Spencer
Jerralynn Ness
Bernie Thurber
Jack Mills
George Kramer
Gerald Frank
Carol Edelman
Sara Lea
Cory Benz
Karen Chase

Executive Board

James Dole
Ron Fox
Charles Davis
Kris Woodburn
Menno Kraai
Kenny Houck
Dave Toler

Oregon Caves National Monument Superintendent

Vicki Snitzler

Executive Director

Sue Densmore

P.O. Box 2195
Grants Pass, OR 97528
541-944-1139 : www.FriendsOCAC.org

You can become a Friend of the Oregon Caves and Chateau by contributing $25 - $99.

You will be a Model Room Friend with a contribution of $100 - $999 and will be listed as a contributor to the Model Room.

With a contribution of $1000 you will be one of only 50 Founders who will receive special permanent commemoration and a chance to enjoy special events.

Please phone or email Sue Densmore, Executive Director of the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau at 541-944-1139 or [email protected] .

Or you can donate through the Network for Good, by clicking the logo below.You may also do so from our website. Just look for the Network for Good logo!

Thank you so much for your support. This is a very exciting project for Josephine County and the entire state of Oregon. Please join us.