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Help us preserve the splendor of the the Oregon Caves National Monument + Preserve!

Spring is in the Air!

Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau

We are very pleased to report the generous response to our request of support as we begin the multi-year process of the restoration of the Chateau at the Oregon Caves. We have received a grants from the Architecture Foundation of Oregon, the Kinsman Foundation, the REC Foundation, the Avista Foundation and many private donations to support the restoration.

Model Room Update: We are planning to restore the sitting room first, and encourage you to watch the progress.. We are also working with the State of Oregon on several projects to make the Caves and Chateau energy efficient.

We are pleased to have been awarded our official Non-Profit Status in February. We will no longer be under the Fiscal Sponsorship of the IVCDO, although we will still work closely with them as a partner. So you can become a Friend by contributing $25 - $99. You will be a Model Room Friend with a contribution of $100 - $999 and with a contribution of $1000 you will be one of only 50 Founders of the Elijah Davidson Society. Please phone or email Sue Densmore [[email protected]] or send your contribution directly to

Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau
P.O. Box 2195
Grants Pass, Oregon

Or you can donate directly right here

Donate Now

Thank you so much for your support. This is a very exciting project for Josephine County and the entire state of Oregon.

Please join us.

The Chateau at the Oregon Caves

The Chateau at the Oregon Caves Preparing for 2009 Special Events

chateau-exterior-jpegThe staff and volunteers of the Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, the non-profit concessionaire of the Chateau, the National Park Service and the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau are in full swing planning a season of special events to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Caves as a National Monument and the 75th anniversary of the Chateau. Join us for the day, stay for dinner, or plan to spend a night in the historic Chateau and enjoy some of the events we have planned.


8, 9 Classics at the Chateau Opening Event: David Rogers, Classical Guitar Soloist
9 Oregon Caves Community Day (Free Cave Tours!)
15 75th Anniversary of the Chateau at the Oregon Caves: Chateau Open House


20 Elijah Davidson Day
20, 21 Early Transportation: Live Mule & Horse Pack Train Demonstration


12 100th Anniversary of Oregon Caves National Monument
17, 18 Williams Trail Commemorative Hike and Horseback Ride to the Oregon Caves
30,31 Remembering Elijah Davidson: Discovering the Cave


11, 12 Classics at the Chateau Series: Alan Matthews, Classical Guitar Soloist
26 Oktoberfest at the Chateau


3 Oktoberfest at the Chateau
9, 10 Learn-to-Tango Argentine Style at the Chateau

And during the week, every Wednesday evening from June through October, join master storyteller David Hodges in the Chateau lobby for stories and poetry readings. More information about these and other events can be found on the Chateau “Special Events” page of our website,

Special Spring Lodging Packages at the Chateau

Book your reservation online!

In honor of the Chateau's 75th Anniversary, 2009 Spring Lodging Packages are available at our 2008 rates! For reservations and more details, visit us online at or call us today at 541-592-3400 or toll-free, 1-877-245-9022. We look forward to seeing you!

Limited availability, so call for reservations today, or make your reservation online...

For more details about these and other packages, group events, and to make reservations, please call us at

541-592-3400 or toll-free at 1-877-245-9022

Share your event ideas! Do you have an idea for an event you would like to host or coordinate at the Caves and Chateau as part of the centennial and 75th anniversary celebrations? Please call us at (541) 592-4440 or email [email protected].

We can come speak to your group!

Are you part of or do you know a group that would like to learn more about the Chateau and the events planned for 2009? The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCDO), concessionaire to the Chateau, has prepared a PowerPoint presentation and is available to be a part of your next meeting agenda. Contact the IVCDO to learn more at (541) 592-4440 or [email protected].

National Park Service

guide-starting-tour-2008-balzer2009 is here! And for those of you keeping count, you know that Oregon Caves National Monument will celebrate 100 years since it was designated, and the Chateau, a National Historic Landmark will mark 75 year since it opened to visitors. When you work in a National Monument, as compared to a National Park, you are often asked about the difference between the two designations. Are Monuments managed differently than Parks? Why are these two different titles? The simple answer is how Parks and Monuments are established. In order to establish a National Park, our Congress must pass legislation to that effect. A National Monument is created by Executive Order of our President. President Taft created Oregon Caves National Monument on July 12, 1909.


So what about National Historic Landmarks? What does that title mean? In order to be designated, the Secretary of Interior must determine that the historic resource possesses exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the Heritage of the United States. There are fewer the 2500 Landmarks within the country today. The Chateau was designated due to its architecture that set precedents for how buildings can reflect their natural setting and illustrated a "vernacular" that is found in park and monument setting across the U.S.

As mentioned above, 2009 is the Monument's 100th birthday. In honor of the occasion, the NPS and its proud partners, the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau, the Oregon Caves Natural History Association are planning a number of events. If you're traveling in July, you'll see the Monument featured in the Horizon Air Magazine. Also, this month you'll see the unveiling of the Centennial Logo designed by artist Paul Lanquist. For Women's history Month in March, there will be a special article in the local newspapers telling the story of how women finally were permitted to give cave tours. A poetry contest is planned for the local school children that will be Centennial "themed". On May 9th, the NPS will offer free tours of the cave for Community Day. See the schedule of events in this issue for more details of all the plans leading up to our weekend-long celebration in July when the Centennial arrives on the 12th of that July. We'll provide the details for that weekend in the next installment of the newsletter!

The Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau was formed in 2008, in cooperation with the National Park Service, to preserve, protect and improve the cultural and natural resources of the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve
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