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NPS to Undertake Life, Safety and Accessibility Upgrade at the Chateau

The National Park Service (NPS) is proposing to address safety issues and improve accessibility at the Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument. Constructed in 1934, this National Historic Landmark (NHL) hotel became a property managed by the NPS in 2003. The Oregon Caves Chateau is an outstanding example of rustic architecture, a design that strives to match structures with their natural surroundings. It also is the only building within twenty miles of the Monument where food service, overnight lodging, and public accommodations are all available to the visiting public during the summer and part of the Spring and Fall shoulder seasons.

And the timing couldn’t be better.  The Friends is simultaneously launching first phase ($1M) of a multi phased campaign.  You might be asking yourself what is the difference between the renovations being undertaken by the National Park Service, and those proposed by the Friends.  Well, let’s clear that up.

While both projects aim to improve the Chateau, the NPS project focuses solely on public building, safety, and ADA code compliance such as fire detection and suppression systems, emergency exits and expansion of public and private spaces that meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Additionally, most interior systems (plumbing, electrical, etc.) are original and have exceeded their service lives, the modernization of which the NPS project also aims to address.

On the other hand, the Friends’ “Campaign to Restore the Chateau” will address the much-needed cultural and historical restoration of the Chateau.  So while the goals of each of these renovations are different, the planning, processes, and execution of many of the projects along the way will share common stages.  With the implementation of the NPS renovation project, we have the opportunity leverage our “Campaign to Restore the Chateau” funds to do just that: restore the Chateau without having to spend extra money on redoing portions of the work that the Park Service will already have to perform in order to complete its project.

However, our time to raise the campaign funds is short, as the ability the Friends to take advantage of the work done by the NPS relies on a very tight schedule of start dates.  Please take a moment to find out more about the “Campaign to Restore the Chateau” and donate to the restoration of this historical building.  Details can be found on the campaign overview page, including a timeline, giving opportunities, and a photo gallery of the restoration process.

Download the Environmental Assessment for the Rehabilitation of the Chateau to Provide for Visitor Safety Public Scoping PDF[519kB]