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Monterey Furniture with Oregon Roots

Pictured here with an original Monterey chair, is Gerry Frank who was at the Chateau in 1934 when the furniture was installed. He was 10! Gerry is a proud fourth-generation native Oregonian. Along with others in his family, he has deep roots in Meier and Frank, restaurant, political, civic and business activities of his state. Author of Gerry Frank’s Oregon – now in its 4th printing.

The original Monterey Furniture collection – designed for movie stars like Clark Gable, Gene Autrey, and Will Rogers was purchased from Meier and Frank in Portland. For decades, the retail dynasty created by Aaron Meier and Sigmund Frank was a long-standing hub of commerce for Portland. This iconic monument featured the first escalator installation in Portland and, in 1922, also functioned as the studio for Meier & Frank’s very own radio station. As the premier department store in Portland, clientele would often dress up to look their very best, as this was (and still is) the place to see and been seen. At its peak, the Meier & Frank building had a pharmacy, a pet store and a deli. Meier & Frank was also Clark Gable’s place of employment before he became a famous actor.