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Birthplace of the View Master – purchase a Commemorative Set…..

Invented at the Oregon Caves – The Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau have created a Commemorative set of 3D reels and viewer. Buy yours here:
The three reels show  the interior of the Oregon Caves, historic and current photos of the National Historic Landmark Lodge –  Oregon Caves Chateau, and photos of the nearly 4000 acres of the scenic region.

The Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is the official birthplace of the View Master. Oregon inventor and photographer, William B. Gruber and the VP of the Postcard Division of Sawyers, Harold J. Graves happened to meet at the Oregon Caves in 1938 and designed the 3D viewer over dinner. The View-Master was introduced at the 1939 New York World’s Fair as an alternative to scenic post cards and was sold at photography shops, stationery stores and scenic attraction gift shops.

Oregon Travel Experience has commemorated this important event with a permanent Oregon Historical Marker placed at the Oregon Caves.

The Commemorative 3D reels were produced by Rich Dubnow and Ron Kriesel.  Rich was once the lead photographer for View-Master, traveled the globe photographing the iconic images that came to life because of stereoscopic technology pioneered by Sir Charles Wheatsone in the 1850’s.  Today, his company, Image 3D continues that tradition. Ron, a stereographer, has an extensive collection of historic 3D gear. They are members of the  Cascade Stereoscopic Club.