Leadership Advisory Board

The Leadership Advisory Board of the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau is a wonderful group of advisors from across the United States. Their advice and counsel continues to be invaluable as the Friends’ move forward with the restoration and conservation of the National Monument’s Guide Dormitory, Chateau and its historic collection of Monterey Furniture. The Leadership Advisory Board is an “advisory only” group, so we seek input from time to time, and rely on their expertise in strategic planning as well as fundraising. We hold an annual gathering of the Leadership Advisory Board and our advisors are included in special events around the state as well as at the Monument.

Leadership Advisory Board

  • Linny Adamson – Mt. Hood
  • Emile Amarotico – Ashland
  • Sarah Baker Munro – Portland
  • Cory Benz – Lake Oswego
  • Paulie Brading – Medford
  • Joanne Carlson – Portland
  • Robert Christnaught – Portland
  • Carol Edelman – Portland
  • Mike Finley – Medford
  • Gerald Frank – Salem
  • Barbara Heyerman – Ashland
  • George Kramer – Ashland
  • Sara Lea – Lake Oswego
  • Sue Lium – Alaska
  • Robert MacLellan – Ashland
  • Jack McGowan – Sisters
  • Jan McGowan – Sisters
  • Merrill A. Tony McPeak – Lake Oswego
  • Kathy Mead – Lake Oswego
  • Jerralynn Ness – Portland
  • John Snider – Medford
  • George Spencer – Portland
  • Bernie Thurber – Portland
  • Pete and Tish Varney – Littleton Colorado
  • Steve Vincent – Medford
  • Joyce White – Portland

Foundation Support and Thoughtful Advisors

  • Jane Jarrett – Architecture Foundation of Oregon
  • Emily Mostue – The Carpenter Foundation
  • Christine D’Arcy – The Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Hugh Rowland – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund for Historic Preservation
  • Steve Welch – The Four Way Community Foundation
  • Keith Kinsman – The Kinsman Foundation
  • Greg Chaile – Oregon Community Foundation
  • Doug Stamm, Eric Jones – Meyer Memorial Trust

We would like to thank and honor Jack Mills, Co-Convener of the Leadership Advisory board, who regrettably passed away in 2011.  Jack’s passion for the Friends will be dearly missed.