Cave Legends

The Oregon Caves National Monument  was declared a National Monument by President Howard Taft in 1909 after adventurer and nature writer Joaquin Miller published an article in the Sunset Magazine “The Marble Halls of Oregon”. Discovered in 1874 by Elijah Davidson this natural wonder was already receiving over 20,000 visitors a year, most traveling by horseback.  In 2014, the U.S. Congress enlarged the Monument from 400 acres to over 4000 acres and also changed the designation to the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.

For over 108 years, visitors have enjoyed the remarkable Oregon Caves National Monument. The Oregon Caves Chateau, a National Historic Landmark has been welcoming guests for over 85 years. Nestled high in the splendor of the botanically rich Siskiyou Mountains, most visitors remember the experience for a lifetime.

As one of the smallest Monuments to have a Friends group, we think this is a pretty remarkable place and we are finding our that you think so too.

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Key Strategies

  • To increase the outreach and educational activities to new communities.
  • To research and tell the many CAVE Legends – visionary individuals who started the Cave Tours and constructed all the facilities, those developed the View Master, the college students who staffed the monument to the Oregon Cavemen who told the stories in their own way.
  • To listen to and record the many CAVE Legends for placement on the website and to develop new tours at the Monument.
  • Partner with organizations around the nation who appreciate the unique monument and want to support it’s future.
  • To listen and learn what makes the monument special to you. What programs, educational and family activities, lodging, musical and cultural events, would you like to see at the Oregon Caves?